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Full Version: I told you it was simple.
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I hate to tell you but the Easy1Up (E1U) system is so easy to understand, we don't need tons of site pages to explain it. It's designed to be SIMPLE! It's not rocket science, no smoke-and-mirrors and it will cut through all the digital fog that's running rampant all over the internet.
We have killer digital educational products and lots of them. Check out the products page.

You want to make [b]BIG MONEY[/b] and [b]FAST?[/b]

We use the Reverse 1 Up comp plan. [b]You make 100% direct payment on the sales.[/b] Which means you get your product purchase back on your first sale. You then use the leverage of the pass up on your second sale to accelerate your cash machine. Duplicate that with your team and you all run to the bank. Don't get me wrong. This is a business but a business with a system like no other.

[b]Let E1U be your own personal ATM.[/b]

You can start for as little as $25 + $5 admin but if you join a higher product package, ALL the lower ones are FREE and qualified.


Join the Vertex Elite $500 + $50 admin. The $25, $100, $250 are [b]included and qualified[/b] (no pass up required). All payments are one time. There you go. That's the comp plan. I told you it was dummy proof . Anyone can understand it in 60 seconds or less.
There's really not much else to tell you. [b]I told you it was simple.[/b]
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